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Water Heating Test and Product Evaluation Criteria

2015-02-21 13:49:01

Performance testing of biomass cookstoves first requires the development of a viable testing method. The testing method for biomass cookstoves varies between different cookstove programs. The most common testing method is the Water Boiling Test, but this Indonesian CSI program uses the SNI (Standar Nasional Indonesia) and CSI Water Heating Test.. The CSI Water Heating Test was developed by the World Bank specifically for the Indonesia CSI based on observations of the cooking practices in local communities.
In order to participate in the Indonesia CSI program, every cookstove that is submitted must go through the testing process in  Clean Cookstove Testing Center for Pilot Program. In order to pass the test, cookstoves must meet performance requirements related to emissions, CO, PM2.5 and efficiency, as well as safety and durability. The test results will be used for certifying the clean cookstoves included in the CSI program and will be referenced in allocating incentives for these certified clean cookstoves.
The amount of incentives to be provided for each qualified stove will vary depending on stove ratings. Qualified clean cookstoves with a star rating will receive the following incentive payments (should sale and use be verified) as outlined in the table below: 

Submitted stoves will be star-rated in three levels in three of the indicators:
1. Efficiency: Either stove for cooking and water boiler
2. Emissions: Co (g/MJ)
3. Emissions: PM2.5 (mg/MJnet)

Stoves receive incentives based on the sum of their star rating. Every one-star rating triggers a IDR 10,000 incentive, every two star triggers a IDR 30,000 incentive and every three star rating triggers a IDR 50,000 incentive. For example obtaining a two star rating triggers payments for both the first and the second star, while obtaining a three star rating triggers payments for first, second and third star. To be eligible for the incentive pilot program, a stove must pass one-star rating for those three indicators(incentive IDR 30,000).
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