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Promotion of Clean Cookstoves through a Clean Cookstoves Demonstration

2015-12-03 11:42:16

Based on a national socioeconomic survey from 2010 conducted by the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), approximately 24.5 million or 40 percent of Indonesian households continue to use biomass fuels for daily cooking while relying on traditional stoves. Combustion of biomass using traditional stoves contributes to high levels of household air pollution that is detrimental to health. It is estimated that indoor air pollution directly related to cooking is responsible for over 165,000 premature deaths globally each year. In order to address this problem, the Indonesia Clean Stove Initiative (CSI), a collaborative effort between the Directorate General of New Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of Indonesia (ESDM), and the World Bank, was formed. The program consists of four phases and is currently in the second stage of implementing a pilot program. At present, there are seven cookstoves that have been tested and ready to be marketed in the pilot program regions of Yogyakarta and Central Java.

In order to ensure successful cookstove dissemination in the target communities, it is important to engage in various marketing activities. Marketing activities are aimed at increasing public awareness; educating consumers about the dangers of indoor air pollution caused by traditional stoves; introducing the various government-approved clean cookstoves and its respective emissions, efficiency and safety facets; and finally, to convince consumers of the importance of replacing their dirty, traditional stoves with a clean cookstove.

One of the marketing activities undertaken to achieve these goals involves a series of roadshows to be implemented by Yayasan Dian Desa (YDD), with the support of ESDM and the World Bank. During these roadshows, YDD will work in collaboration with the market aggregator to promote clean cookstoves to target communities in 42 locations throughout the pilot program region.

Through these roadshows potential users can better understand the clean cookstoves and witness firsthand its proper use so that it is not misused if later adopted. Given that clean cookstoves are a new technology for these communities, appropriate marketing activities are necessary to accelerate the process of adoption by the public. Another benefit is that it is possible to survey public enthusiasm for the stoves being introduced.

During these roadshows the seven cookstoves that were approved during the first call are presented and demonstrated to women’s groups in the target communities. In demonstrating the performance of each cookstove and carrying out cooking activities, potential users can better understand and assess the performance on their own and in so doing, select a cookstove based on their cooking preferences.

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