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Rancamaya Village Clean Cookstoves Demonstration

2015-12-03 13:34:56

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, with support from the World Bank, mandated YDD to conduct a series of roadshows aimed at increasing public awareness on the importance of using clean cookstoves to mitigate the health risks associated with traditional stoves.

On May 27, 2015, a demonstration was held in the village of Rancamaya, Cilongok, Bayumas in the Central Java region, in cooperation with an I-CSI market aggregator, Kopernik. The majority of those residing in this region work as coconut sap tappers which is then produced into palm sugar in a collaborative effort with Pak Irwan, a Kopernik agent. Pak Irwan also serves as a chairman of the palm sugar production group. Kopernik’s cookstove distribution efforts include providing support to buyers through a credit payment system. Through this system the buyer has four months to pay off the purchase.

The cookstove demonstration carried out in the Rancamaya district was a success. The event had a large showing and those in attendance seemed enthusiastic towards the promotional activities presented. The stoves introduced to the public were a new technology that the public was not familiar with given the modern aesthetic, but still uses locally relevant and appropriate fuel wood. The demonstrations begin with cooking local dishes and end in a meal shared with the community.

The expectation in implementing these cookstove demonstrations is that it will increase public demand for clean cookstoves and in so doing, minimize the health risks posed by the use of traditional stoves in the household.

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