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Promoting Clean Cookstoves at Atmajaya ...

YDD was invited to promote I-CSI clean biomass cookstoves at Atma Jaya University’s Earth Day exhibition ...
Clean Cookstove Demonstration in ...

Yayasan Dian Desa (YDD) provides promotional support to I-CSI market aggregators in the form of cookstove ...
Launch of the I-CSI Second Stage ...

On November 23, 2015, the Directorate of Bioenergy, the Directorate of New and Renewable Energy and the ...



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In this feature you may find the most frequently asked questions. Therefore if you have questions please go to this feature and look if the same question(s) have been asked. If not you can send your question to the web-admin.

  • What is a “Clean Stove”?
A“Clean Stove” is a technologically improved stove that uses solid biomass fuel, produces less or no harmful particles for health, and can save fuel. Clean stoves usually have better combustion and heat transfer efficiency, so they are more convenient to use and can cook faster.
  • What types of solid biomass fuel can be used in “Clean Stoves”?
There are various designs of “clean stoves” and each design may be used with a different type of fuel. The varieties of fuels used by “clean stoves” include wood fuel,loose fuel (such as rice husk), and processed fuel (such as pellets, briquettes, or charcoal).
  • Where can we purchase the Clean Stove(s)?
    At present the Clean Stoves will only be available at the pilot program area, the Yogyakarta Special Province and Central Java Province. The Clean Stoves will be made available by the Market Aggregators such as in the following districts: Yogya city, Sleman, Bantul, Kulon Progo, Gunung Kidul, Semarang, Magelang, Wonosobo, Kendan and several other districts in Central Java.
  • How much is the price of the different Clean Stoves ?
    We, YDD does not know about the price of the Clean Stoves. The price will be decided by the Market Aggregator. IF anyone of you are interested to promote or purchase the stove, for now, you can contact us and we will contact you to the respective MA that is operating in your area.
  • Where can we obtain pellet ?
    MA that sells pellet stoves will for sure also sell the pellet. However, if you really want to buy pellet you can get it from a pellet producer in Bantul, CV. Agro Jawa Dwipa, Jl. Bugisan Selatan, Keloran Rt 4, Tirtonirmolo, Kasihan, Bantul, Yogyakarta Phone +62274-8337000, +6282802755215
  • How durable the Clean Stoves? Do they have guarantee system?
    The durability of the stove will very much depend on the users on how to use and maintain the stoves. If the stoves are well maintain, it will be durable. However, the stove producers all give a one (1) year guarantee.
  • How to put off the fire if we have finished cooking and there are still fire and wood inside ?
    It depends on the type of the stoves. For the Rocket Works, Rocket Zama Zama, and Field Dragon, it is easy as it is just the same as the traditional stoves, that is by taking the overleft wood and put it off. While for the stove with batch system, for Prime stove wood and pellet, just closed the primary and secondary air then put the lid on. While with Philip just turn off the fan. Once the fire is off then you will have to empty the stoves by turning it up side down. Actually if you buy the stove, each stove will have a manual on how to use and maintain the stoves.
  • Can we leave the stove or do other chores  while cooking?
    For stoves with batch system, once the wood is burning properly you can leave it, (of course depending on what you are cooking, as for prime one batch can last for about 90 minutes. But for rocket works and field dragon you may need to attend the stoves as you may need to push the wood from time to time.
  • Will the Clean Stove produces smoke ?
    Clean stove will also still have smoke but only a little and in most cases only during the ignition time. But of course if the wood is wet, it will also produce smoke though may be less than the traditional stove. Each of these seven stoves that will be sold in the market has been tested and has fulfilled the standard as set by the Government of Indonesia (as explained earlier). So the stoves is guaranteed for its cleanness. (Efficient and less polluting).
  • Will the pot become black ?
    Yes the pot will still become black but only the bottom part if you use the clean stoves. In addition it is easier to clean the soot.
  • Can we have the contact of the MA?
    Yes, but not all MA will be operating in your area, at present we still wait for the area where each of the MA will be selling their stoves. 
    The following is the MA contact: